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Sample pack of 3 flavours in 100g size bags.  Pecan with chocolate, Cashew Coconut with chocolate and Spicy Peanut with a hint of lime

100g Sample Pack

SKU: 8
300 Grams
  • A sample pack of our 3 main caramel popcorn flavours: Pecan with chocolate, Cashew Coconut with chocolate and Spicy Peanut with a hint of lime.

    Hot air-popped popcorn lightly coated with luscious caramel, then combined with an assortment of flavours for delicious gluten free treats.

    Made in small batches, we create a classic caramel flavour, then add fresh, simple ingredients to tantalize your taste buds.

    These 100g bags are a great size for trying all our flavours, as a sample gift pack for a friend, or as a little sweet snack assortment for yourself.

    Shelf life is one year, so hide some in your pantry for those 'sweet emergencies'!